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12 di tanjung sepat - Google Blog Search

12 di tanjung sepat - Google Blog Search

Carmen Chen: <b>Tanjung Sepat</b> + Gold Coast Morib

Posted: 26 Dec 2012 03:38 AM PST

The happenings on SATURDAY 15.12.12 would be in the next post,
because I wanted to group the x'mas photos together
ans also share these Morib photos first~ =)

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SUNDAY 16.12.12

2 days 1 night Tanjung Sepat + Gold Coast Morib trip with family and relatives!
Since my coursework wasn't completed yet, I gotta bring my laptop along to get my stuff done. =(
Meeting up relatives in McD.
Those who hadn't had breakfast had their western style breakfast there, 
and soon we headed to Tanjung Sepat.
1st stop: Multi Rich Pitaya,
where dragonfruits are planted and sold.
Not only dragonfruits are found there......
Here was the "farm" where dragonfruits are planted. 
But at this moment, we didn't see any of it except for the plant.
Some other plantations as grapes?
The person-in-charge conducted a brief introduction on the dragonfruits.
There are many other types of dragonfruits, apart from what we usually see - the red and white flesh.
After that he cut dragonfruits for free testing, of course to let us know
how sweet are the dragonfruits so that we would buy.
Anyway he is quite generous, he even let us tried the mini dragonfruits (it was really mini) 
which not only looked cute but also tasted damn sweet!!
But we couldn't buy as it run out of stock, hmm.
The dragonfruits there are really sweet, how can we resist?
There are even different forms of dragonfruits being sold,
such as in ice-cream form and also in pure juice form.
Honey, and some other souvenirs are also being sold.
2nd stop: Wan Tee Longan,
where we can find longan (of course), calabash 葫芦 and pineapples.
Details like contact number are stated on
the Multi Rich Pitaya's signboard in the pic above.

Longan - I think they are quite sweet, my relatives said the longan
have "alcohol taste" which make their taste less nice.

A random shot - yellow flowers with huge flies. O.o

Calabash (I don't know what 葫芦 is called in English,
just translated from the web) - u can see from the 2nd pic below 
that they are actually quite small size, don't be cheated by the 1st pic. XP

My sis discovered a tiny insect on the ground!
The insect kept on vibrating like it can never be stationary,
which is what makes it so special that my sis realized its existence!
Its vibration kept on going, it was like...u keep on repeating 
what u did at the previous second, lol.
I didn't dare to get near to the insect, afraid that it might suddenly
fly or what, so Uncle Michael helped me to take a snapshot on it.
Never thought that this pic turned out to be so nice because it kept on vibrating 
that I thought the pic would be blurred, thank you so much!

Long-shaped pineapple - we were surprised by how sweet it tasted 
even it didn't look sweet at all due to its non-yellowish flesh!

There are a few cute little dogs there, and one of them is really cute,
too cute that it looks a lil silly, hahahaha!
My relatives said wanna put this cute puppy into my bag leh. ;B

Just another random shot under the hot sun
before running back to the covered compound.

My face already looked round even we hadn't started
our makan journey yet in Tanjung Sepat. :x

3rd stop: Hai Yew Heng,
a place that is famous for its handmade vege pau 菜包.

The previous time I visited here, they were making their pau at the back area
of the shop, whereby the front area was for us to enjoy our pau.

However to our surprise, they actually opened another shop
right opposite their old shop... make their pau in a cleaner compound and sell them there.

So it becomes more organised! =)

We bought the pau at the new shop and brought over to the old shop.
I personally don't really like vege pau so I don't have any comments on it, and
I don't feel other pau delicious either (just my own opinion, not meant to be offensive).

They don't only sell pau but some other fried stuff as well.

Fried sotong, fried prawn crackers, fried crabs, fried meatrolls, fried wantan
and fried manta ray are available, at different time I guess.

We tried the fried prawn crackers and fried meatrolls.
I didn't feel anything special on the prawn crackers but my family said they were nice, 
and we all loved the meatrolls a lot.
So never only try the pau but forgot the fried stuff when u visit there!
This dragonfruits jelly bought from the nearby stall looked
so attractive, but it was however tasteless.
No dragonfruits taste at all, damn disappointing.

4th stop: Gano Farm,
where it's famous for the lingzhi 灵芝 and 
different types of mushrooms are found.

Outside the shop.

Various beveragesfor free testing and
for sold [RM10 for 4 if not mistaken].

They do offer homestay as well. =)

5th stop: Arowana Malayan Food Industries,
where crackers 木薯片 are produced in large scale.
Details like contact number are stated on 
the Multi Rich Pitaya's signboard in the pic above.

A brief introduction conducted by a young girl.

Varieties of crackers are sold, provided free testing as well.
6th stop: Kek Loong Enterprise,
where different kinds of handmade fish-based product are made.
This was my favourite - egg with fish paste.
Since today they didn't have stock, we pre-ordered and collected the next day.
Half egg half fish paste [RM0.70 each].
7th stop: Lover Bridge Restaurant,
where we settled our seafood lunch.
The food there was disappointing, none of us were satisfied
as almost all were not nice.
Wonder why it is so famous. =(
 The view from the restaurant...low-tide.
Soon it was time to check-in, we left Tanjung Sepat and
headed to Gold Coast Morib.
We were shocked to see so many people in the hotel, it was really crowded!
First time seeing hotel would have so many people, 
most of them came due to offer from Groupon.
And there were people in and out of the Water Theme Park, 
so it was like the floor was wet and dirty and the place was messy.
My first respond was "GG~", our mood were immediately switched off by
such a scene in front of our eyes.
It took some time for us to check-in, we were relieved to see the rooms
wasn't as bad as we expected because it might be
under bad cleaning service due to overcrowded.
 Luckily the hotel appeared to be clean and tidy, phew~
What I loved most was the bathroom!
The floor tiles were dark in colour, making it kinda high class 
and won't be seen like so dirty. =D
Plus...there was Jacuzzi some more!!!
I knew I was gonna spend a long long time during shower, hehehe. ;P
 Perfect view from my hotel - Water Theme Park
which we were going the next morning! =D
 Relatives chatting in my room while sis and I went downstairs for WiFi,
I needed it desperately for my coursework. :s
Dinner time (dinner included in hotel package)!
To avoid people getting more and food getting less (hahahahahaha),
we went down quite early.
But the buffet dinner was a disappointment, ugh. =(
 Drizzling...and soon raining heavier.
The Pier 啤酒坊 - a place to chill with "live band" and beer of course.
Waiting for the rain to get smaller.
It was still raining when the "live band" was about to start.
We had no idea but to choose somewhere covered.
 Oh shit, I was getting sleepy. *yawning*
Went to bed after having a great shower in Jacuzzi. XP

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Morning~ Breakfast time (breakfast included in hotel package as well)~
 The buffet breakfast wasn't too good, but still much better than the dinner last night. =)

Water Theme Park time!
The slides were quite slow, I even stuck in the slide and gotta used my hand to slide manually. @@
The best one was the "wide slide" where we can slide whatever pose whichever way we want. =P

Check-out lo...bye Morib!

Lunch at Restoran Ban Joo Heng in Tanjung Sepat, near to
Lover Bridge Restaurant, next to Ocean Restaurant if not mistaken.
Since we banned Lover Bridge already, I actually wanted to try 
Ocean Restaurant because it was much more crowded 
than Ban Joo Heng (which had only had 1 to 2 tables occupied!).
But since we already parked our cars in parking area of Ban Joo Heng, and 
all my relatives didn't notice Ocean Restaurant, so just gave it a try.

So, damn luckily, the food turned out to be much more better and tastier than
Lover Bridge's and the prices were about the same for both.
We all agreed that Ban Joo Heng is definitely a wiser choice, 
we would visit here yesterday if we knew earlier, meh.

The best dish here was the oyster omelette - unlike others, the oyster was on top 
of the omelette which didn't make it look nice at all, 
but it was surprisingly scrumptious that we even ordered extra one plate!

After lunch, we went to buy some fish and prawns, and also
went back to Arowana to buy crackers.
But I just stayed in the car and slept like a boss all the time after lunch 
and all the way from Ban Joo Heng to home. =P

So if u're going to Tanjung Sepat, my recommendations are
the dragonfruits, egg with fish paste and Ban Joo Heng's oyster omelette. =)

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