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12 di bangi - Google Blog Search

SALAMBANGI: Breakfast in Bangi / sarapan pagi <b>di Bangi</b>

Posted: 28 Jan 2013 12:11 AM PST

Skipping breakfast is not a good habit to practice  But many people tend to skip this important meal especially among students at tertiary institutions. Most of the time, these students wake up really late in the morning  to have breakfast but sometimes they tend to skip breakfast because its one way for them to save money. Money is every thing for them.They must not spend much more than RM 10 a day as  a student. Occasionally , they jump straight to taking lunch at 11.30 am. Dinner for them is around 6-7 pm. Not having breakfast will result in one having a heavier lunch and it's always better to have a good breakfast and just have slices of fruits for lunch. In Bandar Baru Bangi , there are a number of nice places or restaurants to have breakfast. The restaurants below are the best places to have your breakfast in Bangi.
The top restaurant to have breakfast in Bangi is at La Rizz restaurant (Food 4.5 * Service 3,5 * Cleanliness 4 * Cost 3 *)  in Sungai Merab. Just in case you might not know where the place is , its just opposite the Maktab Perguruan Islam Bangi. You have to pass through the road to Hitachi and Sony Malaysia and take the underpass that goes to Sungai Merab. Even though the locality is in Sepang, the distance to that restaurant is so near that people in Bangi consider it as  part of this academic town. The best breakfast to have there is Bubur Ayam (RM 5.5) The porridge is served in a plate complete with "Pergedil" and half of a salted egg. Other condiments  associated with porridge such as spring onion and anchovies  are served as well. However, the portion given is rather small. Normally , I would have ' Roti Jala' (RM 2) plus gravy that is charged if its served with meat (RM 3-5 ). The Roti Canai served at the restaurant is not very memorable as the curry is bit on the tasteless side and served in a really  flat plate . The roti also is not very fluffy. One thing not nice about the restaurant is the service. You have to pay for the food first before consuming it  and cold drinks are served in a plastic container. Food wise, it is a nice place to have breakfast but I have to warn you to come early around 8 am because they start serving lunch at 9 am ! The Malay traditional 'kueh' and assortment of pastries would have gone by 9.30 am.
The second best restaurant to have breakfast  is Tepian Bangi restoran (Food 4. * Service 3 * Cleanliness 4 * Cost 3.5 *) in Seksyen 4. I have to admit that I have been recommending this place for lunch and dinner too in my other write ups. I have to tell you that I have no share in the restaurant but I do know that the owner is quite young and hard working and drives the latest version of the Toyota Camry. This is the best place to have 'Roti bakar' and Roti Canai. The roti Canai (RM 1) is quite large. The best part of the Roti Canai is that it is served with very tasty Myanmar style  "Kuah Dhal" basted with hot and sweet sambal. The roti canai used to be very fluffy but now its a bit thick because of too great of  demand and the need to serve the customer fast. The "goreng goreng" type noodles such as 'beehoon' and 'mee goreng' are nicely prepared. I have to also recommend the 'bubur Ayam' ( RM 3) served at the restaurant. If you have flu or and do not have the appetite to eat, I would suggest that your other half 'tau pau' the Bubur Ayam. It very much better that the Bubur ayam at  MacDonald's.
The next best place (Food 4 * Service 2.5 * Cleanliness 3 * Cost 3.5 *) to have breakfast in Bandar Baru Bangi is at a stall that has no name or probably the signboard is not prominently placed. The restaurant or more of a stall  is just next to the public toilet in Seksyen 1 of Bangi town. The stall is in front of the Satay Samuri  Restaurant in Bangi and also not far from the Singer Shop. The best breakfast to have there is 'Mee Bandung Muar' (RM 4.5). The mee Bandung there is really heaven and topped with lots of peanuts.The gravy is quite tasty and thicken with dried shrimps which gives the 'kuah' a kick. The gravy has enough sweetness of the shrimps and the potatoes. When ordering just make sure that either the father or the brothers that prepare the mee bandung. Otherwise, you will get mee bandung that is quite tasteless. My son also likes  roti canai served at the place especially the Dhal gravy. But I would have the roti with 'sambal tumis ikan bilis with cili padi Negeri sembilan' style. It's really spicy and you would need to have two pieces of roti for the extra hot 'sambal cili padi berdengung'.
Another  best restaurant to have breakfast is Restoran @atas Bukit (Food 4 * Service 2. * Cleanliness 2 * Cost 3 *) The owner is a DKK or 'Darah Keturunan Keling' or a 'Mamak'. The place is always crowded with customers lining up near the place. You will see national made and expensive imported cars overflowing to the main road. If you want to go to the place , it's in front of the Shell station on the way to Putrajaya. from Bandar Baru bangi, The place is nice to have Roti canai (RM 1). The best part is that  the gravy  has the aromatic smell of "Kuah Kambing". If you have the roti canai you have to have it with 'kuah kambing' (RM 3). The kuah daging kambing  is really out of this world  The service however is a bit slow despite having quite a lot of helpers because the customers come in  by the dozens at a time. I would advise that you come early in the morning,. The best way to go there is by taking your 'kapchai' or your superbike. Parking is a big problem at the restaurant . Food wise, I have no complaint.
So these are the best places to have breakfast in Bandar Baru Bangi.  Breakfast would be very nice if you have it with your family. Have it a bit more on breakfast as it will not make you fat. Just make sure that you cut down on the sugar intake which is the main culprit for obesity. Have a nice breakfast with your family and friends.

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