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12 di bukit lanjan - Google Blog Search

12 di bukit lanjan - Google Blog Search

My Crib of Craps: Berbuka Puasa <b>di</b> Restoran Subak, <b>Bukit Lanjan</b>

Posted: 29 Jul 2013 06:30 PM PDT

Last Sunday, July-28 to be exact, we had the opportunity to have iftar at Subak Restaurant somewhere in Bukit Lanjan, near Tol Sg Penchala (LDP).
I'm always looking forward to dine here for the atmosphere is so calming and you really feel closer to nature.
It is said that you're paying more to the environment than the food.
AND, bonus is, the food's good!!!
We arrived around 645pm.
Itu pun dah usaha dah nak sampai dekat-dekat nak berbuka, or else kita melanguk jela tengok makanan.
I thought we were among the last, turned out we're the first to arrive in the group!
This is my favorite tudung from my current favorite brand, Pearl Haya.
I love, SUPER love the cutting, the material and especially the way it fits my face.
Love it!
Love it so much!
Some more I have the membership card, so for every month you are entitled to get 30% off the first tudung you bought in the month, and 10% subsequently.
Memang every month la I'll make you I'll bag at least one tudung from them, Pearl Haya.
Inshaa Allah kalau ada rezeki.
My shopping partner snapped this.
Terus jatuh cinta.
Terus beli!
She's the reason after all, kalau tak selamanya la saya rasa Pearl Haya ni design untuk makcik-makcik je.
Eh eh bukan awak pun dah level makcik ke?

Anyway, back to the iftar story.

What I had for iftar...

Seriously ALL the lauk were so delicious!
I am not kidding, and I'm not biased.
They were good, extremely good!
Well actually we took some kuih-muih also but I didn't snap.
Main focus of the night was the food.
I didn't waste any minute NOT enjoying the food and the ambience.
Other than the kebab, there were also stalls of fried noddles, roti canai, and kambing golek!!!
Serius sangat, the kambing golek was SERIOUSLY delicious.
The very first word I uttered upon chewing the meat... hmmmm sedapnya!

The buffet is RM65 for adult if I'm not mistaken.
Like I said, you may find it a bit expensive, but sometimes you're also paying for the atmosphere, the view, the location, the awesomeness of the food.
So if you ask me, I'll say, highly recommended!

We went home around 915pm with super full and happy stomach.
Looking forward for another session next year 2014!

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