Ahad, 21 Ogos 2011

12 di jeram - Google Blog Search

12 di jeram - Google Blog Search

xoxo: Sepetang <b>di Jeram</b> + 2nd wedding Anniversary

Posted: 09 Aug 2011 12:56 AM PDT

woot woot...my wiken was fab..I met my parents n we were having bbuka puasa bersama..such heaven!! fab foods + families...There is nothing more I wish for *except for winning 1 million in any contest* hahaha..okay okay..back to business ehemm...I really recommended this place n btw this is not the first time I was here..check out this post..dah byk kali dtg pun still xpuas2 bertarung dgn ketam..n plus this treat was by my handsome daddy *tiba2 handsome time belanja ek kuikuikui*  btw..this time around not only to bbuka puasa bersama but to celeb our 2nd anniversary...(^_^)
our 2nd anniversary...2 years married anak sorg dah..productive x?? alhamdulillah..nasib x setahun satu *lagi productive hehehe*

 budak x reti duk diam..haih -___-"
Alhamdulillah for all the rezeki...and maybe next year we all can celebrate our anniversary somewhere else please..my bro abg *hint hint* hehehe
p/s- looking forward to see u guys this weekend...

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