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DAP assemblyman and his brother given leasehold land at a 80 per <b>...</b>

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 07:18 PM PDT

Wa lioa leh…how can that be. The Pakatan Rakyat government is quite generous especially when it comes to enriching the coffers of its own members.

Mana boleh ini macam. They gladly bend the rules and give such high discounts to "Kaki Lang" (own people).

Although I would agree that "charity begins at home" but in this case, it is pushing it a bit far and I would say is a gross abuse of power by the state government.

To those who are in the dark on this breach of ethics, the story goes like this:

A piece of land of about 1 hectare at Jalan Song Ban Kheng in mainland Penang was leased to Padang Lalang assemblyman Tan Cheong Heng and his brother for a good 80 per cent discount very recently.

The land was apparently acquired by the state land and district office from Cheong Heng's mother who was the sole beneficiary of the land. Cheong's maternal grandfather held a 30-year-old lease on the plot.

Since his grandfather passed away in 1961, Cheong claimed that his mother had overlooked paying the land's quit rent, resulting in the plot being confiscated.

Apparently Cheong had applied for reinstatement of the land but was rejected when Barisan Nasional was ruling Penang.

However after the Pakatan Rakyat gained its foothold in Penang, Cheong who is a DAP assemblyman in the constituency where the land is also located, resubmitted a similar application last year and was duly awarded a 60-year-old lease with a hefty 80 per cent discount in land premium.

If this is not abuse of power, I don't know what is.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng definitely owes Penangites an explanation. This is especially so since he had made a promise that DAP elected representatives in the state would not be allowed to apply for state land.

He was quoted by the New Straits Times on March 24, 2008 that it was the party's commitment to the people and that the decision was reached following a meeting with all seven DAP Members of Parliament and 19 assemblymen.

What has happened to the commitment and the promise? I hope that Guan Eng's words can hold water or that in future the rakyat will have to take whatever he said with a pinch of salt or worse still a mouthful of lies.

Stopthelies was also given to understand that the plot of land had been earmarked for a flood alleviation project.

Well, now we know from this episode that Guan Eng values his cronies more than the interest of the people.

Never mind if there are floods in the area. The people can wait as far as he is concerned.

Since that the state has opened the floodgates by allowing a DAP assemblyman an extended lease to a land which was confiscated because of non-payment of quit rent, should others with the same predicament get the same preferential treatment.

Or such treatment is only meant for those who are politically connected.

Guan Eng, we want answers, not lies.

By Penang Ah Beng Kia

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