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12 di ampang - Google Blog Search

DAP Damansara Utama Adun Exposes “Comedy of Errors” in <b>...</b>

Posted: 08 May 2012 08:01 PM PDT

We wish to congratulate Dr Cheah Wing Yin for having the guts and decency to expose the DAP's pathetic affairs in Selangor.

The Adun has written a 12-page letter to his party leadership to complain that the party has appointed councillors who could not read or write or speak Bahasa Malaysia!

No wonder they cannot take their oath of office! What kind of DAP grassroots leaders does this party have?

Leaders who can't speak BM! No wonder this party has been described as a Chinese chauvinist party!

Dr Cheah exposed that a 23-year-old fresh graduate was also given the privilege to become a councillor but the most damning part is his accusation that "a certain powerful state leader" had a final say in such appointments.

We can name him – it's none other than Ronnie Liu, the exco man responsible for allowing the mushrooming of massage parlours in Selangor.

He is the most corrupted DAP leader in Selangor with triads connection and he also gets the backing of DAP Godfathers Uncle Kit and his adulterer son, Guan Eng, who is regarded as God by many Penangites.

We urge Dr Cheah to expose the dirty leaders in his party as he can be sure that his neck would now be "chopped" !

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