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12 di bandar sunway - Google Blog Search

12 di bandar sunway - Google Blog Search

Stories From <b>Sunway</b>: Sesat <b>Di Bandar</b>

Posted: 13 May 2012 09:29 PM PDT

After nearly one week without an update, here's one. It was an eventful weekend indeed. A tiring one, but a good one. Perfect surprise gift was a sudden last minute offday.
Saturday morning.

It has been awhile since I last moved around using public transportation. Departed to Kelana Jaya LRT station from Sunway by bus. The Rabbit card finally came into good use again. Same lame advertisements and programs are shown on the tv-in-the-bus. Although it was the weekends, some of the trains were packed with people of various shapes and sizes.

Met up with the four younglings under my care for the Tour 4 event at the Bandaraya station. It was a sea of people in red, mostly chinese speaking (not a suitable setting for a banana like me). Throughout the event, we went on from train to train, station to station and line to line. The participants had to look around for clues and answers in order to move on to the final destination. It was a fun walk around KL, seeing many tourists, dodgy places, cheap fake products on sale and much more. Everywhere you turn, you'll see random fishy things. Some unpleasant, some interesting. Thank God it wasn't so hot that day otherwise we would be fried before the end.
The participants under my care were fun-packed indeed. Most of the time they were laughing and talking excitedly. They were kind to treat me to a cup of soya bean too. After reaching the final destination which was Chin Woo Stadium, every group has to play five different mini station games. Carnival style games.
Some of us skipped the price giving ceremony and went for the hidden gems in the city. Aunt Annie brought us to this hard-to-find place where they serve great curry noodles (can rival Ipoh wei). Next, we headed back to Sunway for youth fellowship. Incoming mini headaches due to rude awakenings from your nap in the car.
Aunt Lilin was in charge that day. We played this interesting board game-ish where you and your partner take turns to answer questions based on where you land after throwing a giant dice that somehow never seems to stop rolling. An impressive ice breaking activity filled with laughter. Joel seems to be really excited when it came to those 'form 3 chapter 4' type of questions.
Since the next day (Sunday) would be our Mother's Day service, we had a mini recording session going on after YF. It was for the short video presentation. What happened was people coming in one by one and pretended that the camera was their mums, before sitting down with the rest of the 'crew' for a junk food party. Later that night Ivan came over for some serious editting. Being a perfectionist, Ivan is not a person who can tolerate mini 'bumps' in his work of art. In the end, it was all worth it. It ended with a blast (literally, as Ivan had special fireworks placed in his part of the video).
Finally, the time has come. Another session of good gaming. Diablo 3!

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