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12 di bukit raja - Google Blog Search

12 di bukit raja - Google Blog Search

oh{FISH}iee: Myung-Ga Korean BBQ @ <b>Bukit Raja</b>, Klang

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 03:41 AM PDT

Ever craving for authentic  Korean cuisine but staying away from the Korean food chains? Myung-Ga is the right place to go! Strategically located near Bukit Raja Shopping Centre, Myung-Ga is no longer a new icon around the neighbourhood. 
Operating for less than a year, the business has now flourished with patrons in large groups especially during weekends. A pleasant atmosphere with unique contemporary interior to dine in.

As a tradition in Korean restaurants, our starter is preceded by the side dishes (more precisely known as "Pan Tan"). It comes in 8 generous choices, and their waiters are more than pleased to refill each time we finish it. 

I've sampled some with really pungent smell, but Myung-Ga's homemade kimchi is pleasantly sweet and sour, not too strong in taste, which I personally love it!
#3 Jinro Chamisul Fresh Soju (烧酒) @ RM20 

The owner is so generous to give us few bottles of liquor to try on. Akin to Japanese Sake, its alcohol level is 19.8%, and tastes smoother when goes with some fruit juices.
  #6 Danhobak Jeon (南瓜煎饼) @ RM22

This is my first experience with some pan-fried sweet pumpkin pancake, I feel as if I'm starting off the meal with some dessert. Nevertheless, it is rich in the goodness of pumpkin.

#7 Kimchi Jeon (泡菜煎饼) @ RM28 
One of the thinnest yet rich version I've tried. It is very crispy on the bottom, with the rich preserved cabbage lying in it and sprinkled with generous amount of sesame. 
 #8 Tteokbokki (辣炒年糕) @ RM20

I'm a fanatic of Korean rice cake, and I have to admit that this platter of Rice Cake and Vegetables Simmered in Red Hot Pepper Paste is done really well with thick, piping hot sauce! Particularly good for spicy food lover.

#9 Dolsot Bibimbap (石锅拌饭) @ RM25

I'm delighted when this hot stone pot is served with a bowl of soup, as not many places do the same. This vegetarian delight of mixed vegetables is bland in natural, but when mixed in the sauce, it turns out to be a flavourful pot with a good ratio of sweet and spicy taste.

#10 Godeungeo Gui Grilled Mackerel (烤鲐鱼) @ RM29 

Grilled into golden brown perfection, it is crispy outside and tender inside, retaining the fresh, juicy flesh of the fish. Highly recommended when served with a zest of lemon.

  #11 Dwaeji Galbi (调料烤猪排) @ RM35 (2 pieces) 

Myung-Ga self-claims as a specialist in BBQ meat, so I must sample their signature Kalbi! Let's see what is done to these pieces of marinated pork ribs.

The waiter does a good job at the built-in grill on a separate table, so that the smoke doesn't pollute the entire room while the aroma tickles out nose.
In a double-bite size, the grilled pork ribs are soft and chewy with minimal greasy fats. There you go for quality meat and marinade!
It is served with spicy sweet sauce, chilli cuts and garlic.

And the spicy chopped lettuce sprinkled with sesame is the healthy way to go for!

#12 Jokbal Stemed Pig Feet (猪蹄) @ RM55

I rarely take swine, but knowing that this is the Chef's recommendation, how can I resist it? Very nicely done for the firm meat, and it is not fatty as well! Best to wrap the meat and kimchi in lettuce and it will keep the flavours going. 

#13 Samgyetang (人参鸡汤) @ RM33

The hot pot of Chicken Ginseng Soup is served piping hot from the kitchen, best to be taken after the liquor. A very light broth with hints of Korean ginseng, delicious!
Recently, there are more exciting news from this restaurant. Myung-Ga also offers: 
  • Value Set Lunch: 12.00noon - 1.30pm (Daily)
  • Tea Time Special: 3pm - 5pm (Tuesday to Saturday)

1. Everything from service, to presentation, to quality of meat, reminds me of a Japanese BBQ place, and that's a good thing.
2. Recommended: Grilled Pork Ribs, Kimchi Pancake, Rice Cake
3. Most dishes are quite light, not so rich in taste. Some may not like it, but it's for the goodness of health.
Myung-Ga Korean BBQ 
88E IMS2 Jalan Batai Laut 4, 
Taman Intan,
41300 Klang, 
Contact:  019-391 7777
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10pm daily except Monday (5pm - 10pm)

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