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12 di port klang - Google Blog Search

12 di port klang - Google Blog Search

D&#39;ZULHAZ DESIGN: Projek Syarikat Logistik <b>di Port Klang</b>, Selangor

Posted: 10 Jul 2012 06:46 AM PDT

Bergambar dengan staff syarikat logistic. Mereka amat berpuashati dengan hasil kerja D'ZulHaz Design. Thanks for your support!!!!

Praktikal <b>di Port Klang</b> | Simple life..Simple stories..

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 09:33 AM PDT

assalamualaikum dan selamat tengah malam 
 just fyi, last year after my long industrial visit to KL, i came out with this blogpost, 'Praktikal di FRIM, Kepong (Part 3)', you may click there to view the blogpost. the thing is, the title of the blogpost was so bambambommmmm and many came to my blog because of the title. so yeah, the title didn't picture what the blogpost is all about. so sorry people, but i think title is one of the way for me to increase the traffic. urghh, like i care 0.o.
the reality is i didn't go there for my intern. and i went to some other place. dan kilang tu jugak merupakan salah satu tempat saya lawati pada tahun lepas.
yes, that photo was from last year. during the visit. see how gorgeous we were. hukhuk
and i came back here again for intern. seven week and i already done with my first week. i came here because i don't have any other choice, of course there are so many mills out there but not all of them will accept student for intern.
after a week, i won't say that i forced myself to be here. everyone are soooo nice and that nice doesn't means that they pampered me. i do have lots and lots of things to do but seeing them treating me so well, i feel so comfortable here even though i'm alone.
i need to work six days a week. very challenging dan esok adalah cuti hujung minggu pertama saya. saya sepatutnya gembira sampai ke bintang. tapi tetiba, saya rasa sayu dan terasa nak terbang ke kilang dan jumpa supervisor dan nepal dan sesiapa yang berkenaan di kilang.
nampak gile tapi memang benar saya gembira to be here with them. :)
hoping that they will treat me nicely until the end of my intern. btw, sorry for not informing my practical place. its in Port Klang as the title says. okeyh? haha
thank you for reading this and pray for my safety

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