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12 di kajang - Google Blog Search

12 di kajang - Google Blog Search

MIMPI SENJA: Pergaduhan - 2 "Datuk" Sulu ditahan <b>di Kajang</b>

Posted: 12 Mar 2013 06:57 PM PDT

KAJANG: Two businessmen, who hold "Datukships" conferred by the Sulu sultanate, and their wives were detained by police after being involved in a free-for-all at a restaurant in Teras Jernang, Bangi here on Saturday.
It is understood that the altercation followed a verbal argument among those present and also saw the respective Datuks' followers brandishing sharp weapons as well as chairs flying all over the place.

The 6:30pm incident saw three of the "Datuks" followers admitted to hospital for head injuries, while 12 people, including the 'Datuks' and their wives, were detained for rioting.

Kajang police chief Assistant Commissioner Ab Rashid Ab Wahab said both 'Datuks' were holding talks at the restaurant, each accompanied by their wives and 10 to 15 followers.

"It was a business talk. They were discussing about their partnership to build houses in Sungai Merab when things get out of control," said Ab Rashid.

It is understood that the situation worsened when the wife of one of the Datuks behaved rudely by putting up her feet on the table, towards the other Datuk.

She refused to remove her feet even when told to behave.

"That was when her husband's followers moved in on the other Datuk and a fight ensued," said Ab Rashid.

He said police had detained both Datuks, who were from Shah Alam and Ampang respectively to facilitate investigations.

"We also detained their wives and their followers until March 12 for rioting," said Ab Rashid.

New Straits Times

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