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12 di kajang - Google Blog Search

12 di kajang - Google Blog Search

Visit Penjara <b>Kajang</b>, Blogger <b>Di</b> Penjara | Sunshine Kelly

Posted: 12 Dec 2013 08:06 PM PST

This is kind of random or not the usual place that I go or not the usual post. This is something special. Yesterday a few bloggers and me visited Penjara Kajang / Kajang Prison. Prior to the visit we had briefing and also about the do's and don'ts during our visit inside the prison. It's was an eye opener and valuable experience for me to be able to witness how the therapies was conducted, the cells, what is like living in prison and also we managed to interview some of the prisoners.

We are not allowed to bring in any electronic devices and also camera. We went through many gates and body search before we actually inside the prison itself. There are a lot of questions and concerns running in my mind now... Blogger in Prison

After this visit and observation, I will have a better understanding how the system works. I will share more about the 10 aspects that the Jabatan Penjara Malaysia have to look into to cultivate Penjara Sejahtera / Healthy Prison. Standby for my upcoming post it's going to be more discussions and feedbacks.
Do not take the wrong path in life that ended you up in the prison. 
Value your freedom because it's priceless. 

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