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12 di kelana jaya - Google Blog Search

12 di kelana jaya - Google Blog Search

and thereby hangs a tale..: Lagi sebulan <b>di Kelana Jaya</b>

Posted: 04 Dec 2013 07:11 AM PST

Tanpa aku sedari, sebenarnya dah hampir setengah tahun aku berkhidmat untuk UiTM. Untuk. Bukan "di".

Sebab sekarang aku di Klinik Kesihatan KJ ni.

I came working here, expecting nothing. Seriously. I didn't expect anything at all. It's like I'm ever enthusiastic about this job. Nah. Never.

To be honest, at the same time when I first started, I was worried. Worried that I'll give troubles to people. Of my lack in counseling skills. Of my lack of interest in the job.

Yeah. I did have troubles at first. I think it's my first week. Trying to find my dance here. My momentum. I believe after a week I already found my pace. I came even to forget that I hate the job.

You know, when you do the thing you hate everyday, suddenly you forgot. Because it has became a routine for you. And you don't even feel anything about it.

Though sometimes, at times, you do have that feeling again. How much you despise it.


The truth is, I came to UiTM thinking it's going to be my another "batu loncatan" to make it easy for me to join KKM. Anggap UiTM hanya sekadar persinggahan. Macam kerja-kerja sebelum ini.


Bongok je.

Working here...it does feel like I'm a working man now. Because previously, I worked at GNC, I felt so...I don't know. Doesn't feel like it's a job. Perhaps with a colleague yang merapu dan tak matang. Aku pun tak matang la.

I'm still unsure of where I'm going after this.

Whatever comes my way...

I thought of getting a part time degree. You should know which discipline I'm going if you've been reading this blog.. Thought of mastering Japanese.

Let's do them steps by steps..

Oh dan lagi sebulan nak 2014.

Tak tahu lah hidup aku sekarang ni. Half of the year is at Selangor. Another half is at Penang.

Keep repeating.

Kinda what I hope it to be actually.


feeling blessed.

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