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12 di puchong - Google Blog Search

12 di puchong - Google Blog Search

Urut B2B Batin Genuine Thailand Massage <b>Di Puchong</b> and Klang <b>...</b>

Posted: 28 Dec 2013 10:47 PM PST

This blog will be dedicated to compile all comments and review regarding Pusat Penjagaan Kesihatan Empire Shop B2B Massage Centre in Puchong. 
I will only published the top and recommended massage parlour name working at Empire Puchong body to body massage here only. 
Should you have not experience any good thai massage service centre in kl, selangor or klang valley area on B2B or Full Package service or Genuine Thai Massage with Genuine Batin (manhood massage therapy). Urut Batin Massage and B2B in Puchong / Klang Valley area.
You could probably give a taste out on my selection girl here listed.
Empire Pusat Penjagaan Kesihatan Puchong B2B Massage
     7-A Jalan Bandar 6/1, Puchong, Selangor,
There are three packages specialize in this Empire Massage Shop
1) Genuine Thai Massage and Thai Batin Style in puchong (Manhood therapy massage)
  • Some customer confused with the wording of Batin and HJ (hand job)
  • HJ (Hand Job) is the form of stroking the penis sensually till the volcano burst, till it released out
  • Batin is the form of exercising the penis and the balls area very sensually and erotic and some people think that this form of exercise could prolong the duration performance on bed and some people also think it could enlarge the size penis abit. With two of our massage parlour name Ivy & Star specialist in Batin Massage at Puchong Empire, they will something extra special which is reverse Batin Massage. They will do the manhood massage from customer behind first then continue the manhood massage infront. Uniquely feeling and special for first time customer experience. A must try because this is something different and you probably could see your penis size enlarge for that moment time.
2) Genuine Body to Body Massage with Thai Massage Therapy and HJ in Puchong / Klang valley (B2B    Massasge)
  • We have two massage girl specialize in sensually B2B massage in Puchong here.
  • The sensually B2B massage by these two name Sarah and Michelle are professional and they know very well to serve customer. Their technique massage body to body is genuinely for 20 minutes at least. 
  • Before the B2B massage process, they will first perform Thai Massage therapy which is good to relax your sour body before Body to Body massage stage. The thai massage by both them are real and there is no simply piano massage or lousy massage.
3) Full Package Service at Puchong empire shop ( Thai Massage, B2B, BJ and intercourse)
  • We have few massage girl specialize in Full package service.
  • At the moment only i will only highly recommend Mary only for this package.
  • I will update more massage parlour name after i believe there are really good in service.
Comments from Customer after tried the massage parlour STAR
Comments from Customer after tried the massage parlour IVY
Comments from Customer after tried the massage parlour Mary
Comments from Customer after tried the massage parlour Sarah
Comments from Customer after tried the massage parlour michelle

PARLOR: Nick (Not Recommended to Pick)
I would love Welcoming those who never experience in Genuine B2B Massage or Full Package Massage to Empire Puchong Massage Body to Body and Manhood Massage therapy here. I totally understand it being 1st time to this kind of massage parlor probably gives you a nervous feeling and thinking too much. 
And i remember my first time feeling to massage parlor last time. I took 30 minutes in the car hesitating to go or not at a B2B masage centre in Damansara. Many thing running through my mind and been wondering how if or what if and what to expect etc.... Anyway it turns out my first time visit to Massage Parlor Damansara was unexpected experience, i was greeted by an OKT old uncle and i told him my requirements nervously, he then recommend the experience lady to serve me and usher me to the room.
While waiting in the room, didn't know what to do i just waiting and off my cellphone. The massage parlor comes in and greet me, surprising seeing me still with clothes on, she asked me to strip off while she waiting me outside. After strip off myself and left only underwear, i hide myself with the towel covering me. She then coming in and seeing me so nervous and shy, she smile and teasing me alittle. She starts off with a Piano Massage for two minutes only then she automatically took off my underwear. Immediately she gives me sensual BJ with strong suction for 2 - 3 minutes before she wants to ride on me. That BJ suction of her already makes me nearly cum but i manage to hold on. 
She proceeded to cap me on and she starts ride on top of me, she immediately go all out wildly on me up and down rapidly. Remember the part i say i nearly cum when she BJ? Yes i unloaded out eventually and though i tried to hold on longer but failed. She seeing me feeling uneasy since i cum out, she stop and wondering what happened to me. Again i was feeling so nervous and embarrassed with myself. Both of us not knowing what to do, i just trying playing being nice saying her BJ suction and the rides from her one of the best that i could not hold longer. She then asked me look for her next time if come to visit again.
The OKT was surprised too seeing me leaving so early. I told him i had something to attend now and bit rushing. Thanking him and i leave the shop. In the end i was paying for a full service charges for only 15 minutes time only. That was my 1st experience to b2b massage and full package shop in Damansara massage centre. Haha.

At Empire Shop Massage di Puchong here, if you are first timer to this B2B massage place, you won't have to worry that your money spend only last that short time. Every package you pay for will last till one hour time maximize your money worth paid. Even if you cum earlier, you can continue stay inside and let the massage parlor continue massage you while you relax there. If you have any doubt, you can whatsapp me @ 018-3737 745 (Mr Yang).
I would love to provide some tips B2B massage and information details about them. If you have tried many B2B Thai massage parlor in Kuala lumpur areas like bukit jalil, cheras, old klang road or probably at Selangor areas like shah alam, Subang jaya and Damansara and yet to find one a good place to satisfied you, you can whatsapp me too. I will try my best getting the right one satisfied your requirements genuine Thai Massage therapy.
Opening Hours Daily from 1230pm - 1.00am
Contact Empire Captain for booking if you like or you can walk in
(010 - 833 8227 @ captain Empire)
Contact me @ 018-3737 745 (Mr Yang) by Whatsapp and i can guide you too
Email me at wkyang2@gmail.com
Empire Pusat Penjagaan Kesihatan Puchong B2B Massage
     7-A Jalan Bandar 6/1, Puchong, Selangor,

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