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12 di batu caves - Google Blog Search

12 di batu caves - Google Blog Search

<b>Batu Caves</b> Yong Tau Foo | Big Boys Oven

Posted: 22 Jun 2011 12:13 AM PDT

Stuffed Fish Paste

A simple lunch on weekend can be just as interesting, for instant like chopsticking into some delicious yong tau foo. I just love having my fish paste stuffing especially those deep fried dumplings and deep fried beancurd sheet rolls. Dippings is a must in this yong tau foo eating ritual. So we headed to Batu Caves Yong Tau Foo upon a recommendation from a foodie himself.


I just love them in brinjal and beancurd, my favourite. Let's check out Batu Caves style of cooking. Nice fish paste texture, 100% fish, no mince added. Crunchy and firm in texture, well seasoned. Soup base was good. One thing that triggered me was their chilli dip. I smelt lemongrass. Wow they had lemongrass infused into their chilli sauce dipping. Something different than the usual and I like it. Adds up to a very refreshing taste. As for the beancurd, it was not stuffed together with fish paste but was seperated. I was told the beancurd taste smooth and better this way due to less cooking time. As for the stuffing, I prefer more, more. :)

(clockwise) Deep Fried Beancurd Sheet, Deep Fried Fish Cakes, Dumplings in Soup & Deep Fried Dumplings

Deep fried dumplings were done prefectly, crisp and tasty, I had five of them. The stuffed beancurd sheet done deep fried was excellent. While biting into the fish cake was awesome with great texture, got me on a great start mood.

Assam Fish
Assam Fish

The spice mis vegetable, Achar was interesting little dish with some chruch peanut topping while forking into the assam fish can be just as exciting. Lovely. As usual you can also order the green of the day with oyster sauce topping.

Achar & Poached Green Vegetable

If you are not far ithis is a must try place, I drove all the way from PJ to taste this delicious Yong Tau Foo! . . . . . . YTF, Sidney Kan

Restaurant Batu Caves Yong Tau Foo
No.96, Jalan 1, Batu Caves Centre Point
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
Tel No?- 03-6187 6818 / 012-676 0385
Business hours: 9am – 5pm
Closed every two weeks on Tuesday

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