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12 di subang jaya - Google Blog Search

12 di subang jaya - Google Blog Search

Di Naina: tempat makanan saya <b>di subang jaya</b> « Smile and Let Smile

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 09:35 PM PDT

During my stay in Malaysia this time, I am staying at Casa Tiara in Subang Jaya. There is a wonderful Iranian restaurant and Italian restaurant downstairs. However, my crowd – friends of my son, frequent Di Naina – which is a food outlet about 3 minutes walk from our residence. It is next to Subang Jay Carrefour sitting right next to the overhead on SS15.

My favourite rice dish at Di Naina is the Black Pepper Rice cooked in a ceramic pot and served hot. I like to start with a roti chanai cut and served with condensed milk, and then proceed to the main meal, along with a "teh tarik".

The best part of the Di Naina experience is the the waiter Gudhoos, who always greets you with a smile, shakes hands, says Salaam, and asks you how you are today and a little nice talk, before taking the order. He stands out from the rest of the waiters, and most of the regular customes wait for him to take their orders. Despite the added workload, he constantly greets in the same manner and is always happy and light-hearted.

The break from work that has been compelled upon me due to a sudden incident has been a huge learning experience which will be a great experience to build on from. I am reminded of the Metro Manila experience way back in 1992. It is indeed important for us to take a break from our life's routines in order to reach out and learn from the wide world around us. I hope to come out of this experience, a better person.

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