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12 di tanjung sepat - Google Blog Search

12 di tanjung sepat - Google Blog Search

Pn Tay&#39;s Blog: Ocean Seafood Restaurant, <b>Tanjung Sepat</b>

Posted: 06 Dec 2012 09:56 AM PST

In Tanjung Sepat, there is no dearth of seafood restaurants.
 Lover's Bridge is one of them
 Angie has done a search and found Ocean View on the net.
so we sought it out and found it
unpretentious and fuss free
looks rustic and inviting, with a kampung feel
it is low tide, the ebb before the flow
 we chose a "balcony" seat that overlooks the sea
 the freshest of prawns in rice wine soup
 2 types of crabs: slated egg yolk crabs
 too much food for the 5 of us!!!
 fresh breezes and fresh air
 nice view of the jetty in the background
 before the steamed fish arrived, we took a breather
 note the tide coming in
 Teo chew Steamed pomfret

 walking along the pier at sun down

 Pua Chu Kang dumps his yellow boots here?

the bill: so cheap!!! got prawns, got fish, got crabs, got mussels...................!!!!!!

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