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12 di bandar sunway - Google Blog Search

Cheated by maid agency

Posted: 25 Aug 2011 08:21 PM PDT

AN office administrator lodged a complaint at the Selangor MCA Public Complaints Bureau claiming that she was cheated by a maid agency after she forked out a total of RM9,200 in April.

The 34-year-old complainant, who only wanted to be known as Carmen, lodged a police report on Aug 12, alleging that Cita Selasih Sdn Bhd, a company based in Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, did not deliver the replacement maid that she was promised.

According to her police report, Carmen said she sought the services of the agency for a Cambodian maid where she claimed she paid RM5,000 as an initial payment on Nov 20, last year.

Felt cheated: Theng (right) with the victim showing the picture of Lee. – S.S.KANESAN/ THE STAR

"On April 9 this year, the agency provided us the maid. I was also required to pay up an additional RM4,200.

"However, a month after that on May 13, the maid said she didn't want to work for us any more and demanded to return to Cambodia.

"We sent her back to the agency and were then required to pay another RM1,020 as a fee for a replacement maid.

"The agency promised us that we would receive a replacement maid in two months," she said during a press conference.

Also present was bureau chief and legal adviser Datuk Theng Book.

Carmen added that since June, she kept calling the agency to enquire about the status of the replacement maid but her attempts were futile.

"All they said was, we had to wait and they were processing our application. We called the person in charge, known as Lee, on his handphone as well as the office line but our calls went unanswered," she said.

On Aug 9, Carmen said she visited the agency office in Bandar Sunway only to discover that the premises had closed.

"Upon discovering this, I called Lee and he replied that he was also cheated by another person and lost all his money.

"I demanded my money back but he claimed he had depleted all his funds.

"He said he could only find us a maid within two months and asked me to supply our particulars again. When I returned his call, there was no answer until today," added Carmen.

Theng classified this as a clear-cut cheating case.

He said Cita Selasih operated under the licence number (099)JTR746.

"Carmen has to resort to bringing her child to work as she did not get the maid that she was promised. I urge people who have been cheated by the company to come forward to make a police report before we lodge another complaint," said Theng.

He urged Lee to come forward to settle the problem.

"The agency's website is still up and running but phone calls to them are unanswered.

"Based on our search, it is run by a husband and wife team. We will check to see whether the company is legally registered or not. Company registration numbers can be easily created nowadays," added Theng.

Calls made by StarMetro to the agency and Lee were unanswered.

Theng urged the public who have fallen victim to a similar case to call the bureau on 03-7956 2266.

-The Star-

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