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12 di klang - Google Blog Search

12 di klang - Google Blog Search

Police Raja <b>di</b> 1 Malay-sia <b>Klang</b> Utara OCPD ACP Shukor the bully <b>...</b>

Posted: 07 Jun 2013 03:55 PM PDT

Hindraf de facto leader P.Uthayakumar as a matter of principle ready to be jailed up to 3 years or will opt for jail even if only a fine is imposed & will not apply for stay of jail sentence for Sedition letter case to UK PM Gordon Brown on Kg Medan ethnic cleansing, Malay supremacist govt policies & UMNO institutional racism etc victimising Indian poor in Malay-sia : 9.00 a.m on 3rd, 4th & 5th June 2013 K.L. Sessions Court. Pathmarajah & Co. Chartered Accountants - Maybank Acct No. : 514075011112 - "You Must Be The Change You wish To See In The World" ~ Gandhi - Follow us on , Twitter - HINDRAF1 or Facebook Hindraf Support Group.

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