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Posted: 18 Sep 2012 02:59 AM PDT

(Continue from those fantastic slides play on Day 1)…

We all woke up very early the next morning. A simple buffet breakfast was provided but only for 2 Adults. Kids below 12 was chargeable at Rm20 each. Thanks to our dear friend, Chin Lee who went together gave one extra dining dinner and breakfast voucher to QQ.

The boys and their friend, Chen Tzu

We brought many water float this time so the boys were occupied with their water gadget while QQ continue to swim (in deeper water) and slide with her father.

Famous Hai Yew Heng Bao

After checking out, we went to Pekan Tanjung Sepat to hunt for the famous Hai Yew Heng Mui Choy Bao.

Lots of Pao-s and Fishball from Tanjung Sepat

Chin Lee said the pao sold out quickly each time they are out from oven so got to be there at 1pm or next batch, 3pm.

I reached there just in time to catch the fresh-out from oven Mui Choy Pao. Bought 13 pcs Mui Choy Pao (RM2/each) and some Black Tau Sa (Rm1.40/each). Not cheap though….

Verdict: We love all of them! The Mui Choy pao is good and their Black Tau Sa is the best we ever had. Somehow the taste of the Tau Sa reminds me of those pao I had when I was younger. Very very different indeed from those we have in town :)

"Lover-bridge" at Tanjung Sepat in front of Ocen Seafood Restaurant

After that, we drove to famous Ocen Seafood Restaurant which is just located 3 minutes away. It is situated by the sea in front of the infamous "Lover Bridge"!

From top left: Steam Promfet, Lala Soup cook with wine, Deep Fried Sotong, Hot Plate Oyster

Went to this restaurant and since it was a weekday afternoon, it was great as there are plenty tables to choose from, with dishes arrive within minutes after we placed our order. Total damage is only about Rm7x.xx including 2 coconuts and 1 soft drink. Quite affordable :)

We reached home early in the evening, with everyone almost dozing off in car (including our driver!:()

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