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<b>Hulu Kelang</b> Lad: Gruesome Accident

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 10:51 PM PDT

I just went downstairs to get a cup of coffee while my father was watching TV.

Then as I climbed up the flight of stairs, the news was on. It was the Berita Terkini on TV3, and it was about a horrible accident taking place today at the North-South Highway. (Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan)

A couple of husband and wife died as they fall off their motorcycle and their bodies were disintegrated and crushed to pieces by the passing vehicles.

As gruesome as it may sound, it made me really angry. I imagine that the cars didn't even stop streaming down the lane while the bodies were scattered all around the place.

This would probably make the front page of the newspaper tomorrow. We'll get a more detailed story then.

My heart goes out to the victim's family, relatives and friends. They probably had children. I am getting emotional already. I am not so sure of what religion/race the victims were. If they are Muslims, let's recite the deceased Al-Fatihah.

So this is a serious message to all the riders and drivers out there. Please be extra careful when driving. Not only for your own sake, but for the the others too.

My parents don't only tell me to drive carefully, but also defensively.

InsyaAllah, be safe everyone!

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