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Posted: 01 Mar 2014 06:44 AM PST

Remember a post about my story of buying a book? The special book that only have one left on the rack, and I felt like it was destined for me? Haha.

The book is seriously, a worth-read book. I made a very right choice of buying it when I really have to save that money. No regret!

Here is the book : Ulu Yam di Liverpool by Nazali Noor.

I'm a big fan of Abang Naz :] Heard that UYDL2 came out already. Can't wait to have one!

I'm a big fan :] Heard that UYDL2 came out already. Can't wait to have one!

The book is a story compilation of Nazali Noor's life. A true story that are written from his heart. He used to be a very ordinary village fat boy at Ulu Yam, can't even play football, being cursed for dreaming too high, and have no big achievements during his school years. He hates Math, and it is funny to read his Math story in the book.

When everything seemed so wrong, all what he had are DREAMS. Dreams to be at Anfield, watching football match, supporting Liverpool. He wanted to be at UK! Inside the book, he wrote also on how he met Ain, his superwoman that keep supporting and sacrificing for him and their childs. Reading the book, it made me laughed and cried at the same time. I know everybody will do the same when reading it. Such a heart-warming. It is like I am the one that walk in his road. The difficulties, strong determinations and everything – I think, I learned a lot from him. From his book, and his life.

It made me think, that how big our dreams are, they can be reality. Just believe. The word BELIEVE itself is so strong. Now, he and his families settled down at UK, having a good big charity business, and at the same time his two important commodity – TIME and MONEY, finally are balance.

In this life, we have this two important commodity: Time and Money. Sometimes, when we have a lot of money, we doesn't have enough time. We might miss some important moments in our life, like the moment our kids have her first teeth, the moment she can stand up by her own, and those little sweet memorable things. We traded our time for money. It is quite often right? I had seen many of it.

Some people can't do anything about it. I understand.

Money is important. Living this 21st century, living cost hiking up like crazy. This issue had been risen up in the book, too, because it is the major problem that once occurred in his life, especially when he married.

It attracts my full attention because I will jump into the real world later. Mom don't want to pay my phone bill after my Degree. Haha, so I need to plan beautifully.

"Makna Hidup Dalam Memberi"

I don't quite get it, before. After read what he explained in one part of his book, now I understand. Maybe I should write it in another different canvas, later.

After all, this book is highly recommended. For the dreamer that are hesitate with their dreams, for people who need a wake-up reading, for everybody – just read this book. Seriously :]

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