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<b>Hulu Kelang</b> Lad: An Evening with MLMers

Posted: 22 Jul 2011 11:15 PM PDT

I am deeply sorry if you are an MLMer yourself. But I've made up my mind and come up with a verdict that MLM will always be a lie.

My personal opinion about MLM is that, it really sucks because of the products. People who participate have to promote products that sometimes they don't even use.

Anyway, last month, I was out and about looking for a job at Taman Permata. However, one job advertisement that really enticed me was called a referral specialist. It said in the flyer there that the earning could go up to RM 200 per week for full timer and RM 1ooo per week for part timer.

I wasted no time, quickly I sent an message to the person and we agreed to meet up on Friday after the prayer. I went home and did a background check of what does a referral specialist do. I could conclude that this job actually requires me to be articulate and sociable. Not only that, I'd have to assist people to understand the field in which I am a specialist in. The question that hit me at that time of course, what field would that be?

However, I already fall in love with this job because it would require me to read more. I think I can do that since I am now unemployed and sit in front of my computer 24/7. I could use some of that time to read stuffs and informations.

After the Friday prayer I drove to the shopping mall as promised, 1 hour in advance to prepare myself. I brought my lappy so that I could show off the this 'interviewer' that I'd make the perfect cut for the job. It says in the job advertisement that candidate should have a laptop.

Finally, the person called and asked me to go to one of the restaurants. I hastily walked to that direction, and there sitting, three men, and one of them waving at me. That was Zain (bukan nama sebenar/not his real name) the person I have been contacting regarding this job.

Very much to my surprise, and utter dismay, came along with this Zain was seemingly an older man, and another lad of Zain's age. I shamelessly ordered an iced-Milo, for which they were paying. =)

I was disappointed already when that older guy who did the talking. Zain just sat beside him, nodding to each and every word this man said. He used the tone that showed how brilliant and knowledgeable he was. It had not been 5 minutes yet, I wanted to leave already.

He went on to give his motivational speech about doing business and that crap. I interjected once asking that I thought this job was called a referral specialist. Then he replied, it is. I was like, how come? Well, all you need to do is find people to join our programme (the products) and 'refer' them to us. What the ....

He also said that I had to find people to start earning. No it's not an MLM, but I had to find people to start earning. Not only that, I had to pay an amount of RM 200 to get started. That was if I wanted to do it part time. To be a full timer however, the fee would be RM 800.

He did explain to me all the differences between this programme and an MLM programme but I didn't pay attention because all I wanted was to leave. I didn't want to be rude for they had paid my drink, so I decided to stick around a bit longer. Little did I know that that was such a mistake.

By sitting there longer, I let my mind exposed to all luring and deceiving lies that these people were trying to jam inside my head. In fact, that older man actually talked more about how enjoyable doing that job instead of what the product really is. He told me he forgot to bring the details of the programme in the car.

He claimed that the product that he was selling was a financial literacy programme. It is conducted somewhere in Nilai and that's all that I had to know. I knew at that time that that it was rubbish. How could you expect people to believe what you say with no evidence?

Apart from that, he kept coming up with stupid principles or logics that were clearly shallow and nonsensical, but I felt like I was being brainwashed to accept them nonetheless. For instance, he asked me to put myself in his shoes. If I were him, an MLMer who wants to find a downline, would you want your potential downline ask you few or many questions?

The way I saw it, that question is dumb itself. Of course your potential downline wants to ask thousands of questions to them. Not only that, I personally, would make sure they understand what they are getting themselves into, provided that what I am doing is legit. So is it not legit?

Well, there were many other things that he said that didn't make any sense. Nevertheless, slowly, I succumbed to his convincing words. In fact, for a moment I thought, how can these fine people be liars? That can't be. They are too kind. So eventually I agreed to join them.

I think what I really found seductive was when he talked about a lot of people are wasting their time and money studying. Seriously. We could just join this programme and become rich in no time. Considering the fact that I dropped out of a medic school in Ireland, I really had this urge to show to my friends who are still there that I am not left behind. I could become rich and this could be the way. What a fool I was. =(

The fee was RM 200 but I didn't have that much cash, so I paid them RM 50 first. Next week I'll be going to the financial workshop and I'll pay the rest of the fee then. So when I got home, my mother talked some sense into my head. Or more like, she hammered them into my skull.

I couldn't accept what my mother told me. They can't be liars. They were too kind. Their words were convincing and they also said that they are not fraud. What the hell am I thinking? Those arguments aren't sensible at all. Of course liars' words are convincing. Of course they are kind. And most importantly, of course they will say they aren't fraudulent.

Weeks later, I came across this blog and in one post the author explained what an MLM is and why is it not legit. It actually says that MLM is haram. That's what he says, go and check out that post. Don't mind the vulgarity of the words he uses. I think his explanation really makes sense.

Whatever it is, this is just my story. I am not trying to force my ideas on you. I just think that that whole experience of meeting up with fellows who tried to do so is truly horrible. And my advice would be don't trust any job that offers you ridiculously high salaries. That's the ugly truth. =(

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