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Posted: 12 Mar 2012 12:20 AM PDT

Our Ref: Complaint 1/03/2012
Salam Sejahtera

Dear Sirs,

We are sorry to inform you that ever since you have reappointed a new contractor, the condition and the cleanliness of our Taman has been so much worsen as compared to the time of Alam Flora.

I am hereby enclosing you photographs that were taken this morning, for your reference, please. It will be sent to you in 2 parts.

Alam Flora has a tighter, clearer and affixed schedule to all tasks which is

  1. 3 times weekly garbage clearance - on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If the truck is full, they will do the second round or third rounding to ensure all garbage were cleared. But now nobody knows when or what time are schedules for the garbage truck.
  2. They assigned 2 sweepers to our Taman on a daily basis, because they understood that 20 streets cannot be clean up in a day or two, although the deal is meant for 2 times monthly. But now only 1 Indian man is doing the job in a day or two.
  3. Once weekly they will come to clear the bags of dried leaves and cut plants along the street around our Taman. (Now completely no one came)
Unfortunately, this new contractor (we don't even know who they are) has never been prompt with their services nor answering to our complaints though we have tried many times but was to no avail.

They have come only once at the end of February to clear up the trash along the road and nobody ever came till today.

On 2nd and 3rd March, they assigned only 1 sweeper to sweep our Taman and only half Taman was cleared up.

We have never ever complaint to you regarding the street sweeper so far, hence this is the first time because we are so disappointed and dissatisfied with the service of your new contractor.

For two weeks now, nobody has come to sweep the road that has caused the untidiness in our Taman which never has happened during the time of Alam Flora.

I really wonder how they can expect 1 man to clean up our Taman in a day or two. Not only,
they assigned the same group of people for the grass cutting, hedges trimming and sweeping the streets on the same day. Furthermore the way they cut the grass was done randomly.

With Alam Flora, they assigned different group of people for different tasks. What a big difference? Is it true that you are paying the new contractor a very low budget as En. Arif claimed? Is it because of this reason, we tax payer has to suffer?

Do you really think this is efficient and effective? Do you think you have appointed the right contractor or sub-contractor who is worse than Alam Flora?

We hope you can assist us and we hope to have the same treatment that Alam Flora has rendered us.

I rather complaint to you first before you receive mass complaints from our residents, which can unfairly cause damage to MPSJ image since you have all along been doing fine before the change of the contractor.

Thanking you for your prompt investigation into this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Alice Choo

cc. YB Gobind Singh
YB Teresa Kok
YDP Dato' Asmawi

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